The Distribution Innovation team

Fixes in manual top sheets plus new Müller Martini file format improvement

AUTHOR: The Distribution Innovation team

Production date: 01.11.2023

Two Fixes in manual top sheets

  1. Difference between manual and scheduled top sheet output

In some cases we have been experiencing differences between the results when taking out top sheets manually and receiving the scheduled version. This issue is now resolved and there should be no differences between manual and scheduled top sheets as long as inputs are identical.

  1. Removed deleted regions from regions available for selection

When selecting which location to show on manual top sheets, it is possible to choose on a region level. Previously, deleted regions have been shown in the list of regions to choose from, but this these are now removed and will not be shown anymore.

Enhancement of the Müller Martini file format

Previously, the layout numbers in the Müller Martini format's J-files were not possible to configure in DI. So both the properties, “Topsheet layout key bundle” and “Topsheet layout standard bundle”, were hardcoded to number "3".

With our new version of this file format, it is possible to have these numbers configured differently. It is also possible to configure them differently for different bundle types (for example Route, Retailer, Bulk, Multibulk, etc.). Don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to learn more about how to make use of this new function.

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